TSWDB Success Story – Derrick Brinson


Derrick Brinson

Derrick Brinson is a  youth program participant with Johnston County Industries (JCI) WIOA Youth Program in Sampson county. Prior to his program enrollment, Derrick had no work experience, no resume, no education or skills beyond a high school diploma, and was not comfortable with talking to people.  He was completely unaware of the potential he possessed.

Participating in both the JCI Youth program and Vocational Rehabilitation activities, Derrick has managed to overcome self-doubt and has begun giving 100% effort into everything that he does. His WIOA case manager, Mr. Ken Chambers, states that Derrick is an active program participant that is dependable, respectful, and always willing to try. He has also improved his communication skills and is able to communicate his thoughts more effectively. He has even assisted in the recruitment of other program participants.

Derrick enrolled into Sampson Community College and earned a Bronze Career Readiness Certificate. He has also earned two HRD certifications in Life and Employability skills and has recently completed the Veterinarian Assistant Program.

Currently, Derrick is employed part-time at a Food Lion in Clinton earning $8 an hour. He is hoping to secure a work experience opportunity that will give him the chance to work in the veterinary field. Derrick lives with his mother, cousin, and aunt in a small community outside of Clinton, NC.  He has tremendous family support, attends church on a regular basis, and is finally learning to recognize his potential.  The local area is excited to see what else Derrick accomplishes and will share updates soon.


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