Harnett County Hosts Small Business Summit

Harnett County Small Business Summit

On Tuesday, February 7th, the Central Carolina Community College’s (CCCC) Small Business Center hosted a Small Business Summit for Harnett County residents who currently own or are aspiring to own, their own local business. Held at the Triangle South Enterprise Center in Dunn, several organizations, including the Dunn Area Committee of 100, the NC Rural and Economic Development Center, the Triangle South Workforce Development Board (TSWDB), and Harnett County Economic Development, helped summit attendees gain valuable knowledge and insight on best practices for small businesses.

Mari-inetta Pavlic serves as CCCC’s Small Business Center Coordinator for Harnett County as well as the Director of the Triangle South Enterprise Center in Dunn. As the coordinator of the event, Ms. Pavlic is grateful to all of the summit’s attendees. “I would like to thank all who attended and participated in the event,” she stated. “Our local and state resources were well represented at the 2017 Harnett County Small Business Summit.”

TSWDB Business Services Coordinator, Mike Peluso, was also in attendance at the summit and was excited that the TSWDB was able to participate in the event. “I had the opportunity to meet with several small businesses who were considering hiring their first employees,” Mike stated. “The entrepreneurs were made aware of the ways in which they could partner with their local NCWorks Career Centers for additional workforce resources. They were also shown how they can integrate Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) programs, like Work Experience and On the Job Training (OJT) activities, into their long-term recruitment and training strategies.

If anyone in the Harnett Area needs additional information on the resources available to small businesses, feel free to contact Mari-inetta Pavlic at the Triangle South Enterprise Center in Dunn by visiting the CCCC Harnett Small Business Center website at http://www.harnettsbc.com.




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