TSWDB Professional Development: Ergonomics, Health, & Safety

20190801_101520 (2)
CCCC Safety Coordinator Ben Rankin

The benefits of Team Building activities are numerous, and we at the Triangle South Workforce Development Board (TSWDB) have decided to regularly commit time to improve our workplace dynamics by embracing the team-building process. According to the Sodexo Group, a company that specializes in Quality of Life Services, team-building can help your staff and co-workers:

  • Improve Productivity
  • Increase Motivation
  • Increase Collaboration
  • Encourage Creativity
  • Improve Communication

To read more about the benefits of Team Building and view the full article, visit Sodexo’s Blog.

CCCC Safety Coordinator Ben Rankin

On August 1st, the TSWDB kicked off its first-ever Team Building/Professional Development event by inviting the Central Carolina Community College’s Safety Coordinator, Ben Rankin, to discuss office ergonomics, health, and safety. Staff members were provided with helpful tips on proper workplace ergonomics that included:

  • Proper positioning for your office chair, keyboard, and mouse;
  • Guidance on setting up your workspace;
  • Helpful tips for storage safety and best practices;
  • And information on proper body and wrist position while working at a desk.

Staff also received helpful tips on how to maximize your potential for safety both at work and in public places and was provided guidance on how to respond to emergency situations on a college campus.

The TSWDB staff is thankful for Ben taking the time to present us with tons of helpful information and we are all looking forward to integrating the ergonomic practices and safety information obtained into our everyday office lives.

Front l to r: Jackie McMillian, Dottie Cieciorka, Jessica Ingram. Back l to r: Ben Rankin, Adena Mitchell, Kim Shaw, and Angela Nicholson

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