Live Without Regrets


Attendees watch the Youth participants from Harnett and Sampson Counties entertain guests at the Harnett County Workforce Development Board Youth Banquet on June 27th, 2019.

By: Angela Nicholson, NCWorks NextGen Coordinator for the TSWDB, as presented to attendees of the Harnett County Workforce Development Board Youth Program Banquet in June of 2019 at the Central Carolina Community College Harnett Main Campus in Lillington, NC.

Inspired by Thomas Oppong’s Blog Post:
Follow These Rules and you Will Never Look Back in Life with Regrets


Author and business Entrepreneur Thomas Oppong offers nine rules to follow to live life without regret. He says:

  • Know that you will never be ready. So, do it anyway! Whatever your it is- just do it.
  • Always pursue your ultimate potential.
  • Know that your input predicts your output
  • 80% of your outcomes in most things you do come from 20% of your inputs.
  • Experiment boldly: risk more than what others think is safe
  • Embrace ambition without hesitation
  • Dare greatly, fall down and get back up
  • Know the obstacle is always the way. The very thing that you hate to go through or fear is the very thing that will bring you out of your circumstance.
Attendees listen to words of encouragement at the Harnett County Workforce Development Board Youth Program Banquet.

At the end of each day, I ask myself, did I live today without regrets. If I have no regret, I say, thank you, Lord. On the other hand, if I have regrets, I say, Lord forgive me, help others to forgive me, and most of all help me to forgive myself.  My prayer each morning is let me be better in my today than I was in my yesterday, and let me be greater tomorrow than I am today.  I pray these two prayers to humbly live life without regret.

Living a life without regret requires that you not focus too much on your past or your future.  Focusing too much in the past or thinking too far in the future can lead you to become dissatisfied or discontent with yourself. To live your life without regret, you must always appreciate who you are today: each and every day. It requires you to give yourself credit for the person you have become and who you are becoming. Always recognize that despite the trials and obstacles in your life, you had the perseverance to survive, you’re still here standing strong.

NCWorks NextGen Coordinator, Angela Nicholson, providing her remarks on living life without regrets at the Harnett County Workforce Development Board Youth Awards Banquet.

Living life without regrets will require that you make your own decisions. Everyone will not be happy about you calling your own shots. Some may view it as you being different, arrogant, prideful, disrespectful, or even that you are being a know it all.  But, one great writer says, that making your own decisions is none of those things.  When speaking about his life choices, the writer simply says “it is my prerogative”. While I agree with singer Bobby Brown, I also realize that with prerogative comes responsibility and consequences for one’s choices.

Graduates and award recipients pose for a picture at the Harnett County Workforce Development Board Youth Awards Banquet on June 27th, 2019.

As young adults, it is your life and your life is your responsibility. It is your right to make choices, but with that right comes the responsibility to deal with the consequences of your choices. I encourage you to continue to make good choices in order to create a life without regrets.

I am proud of all of your accomplishments. I encourage you to continue to live your best life each and every day.


Top: WIOA Youth Program Participant, Jada Moore, performs a Praise Dance for Banquet attendees; bottom: WIOA Youth Program Participant, Shenika Brinson, sings an inspirational song at the Harnett County Awards Banquet.

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