Success Story: Siobhan Shepard

Siobhan Shepard
WIOA program participant Siobhan Shufford

Submitted by: Jamie Cunningham, Program Manager at the NCWorks Career Center – Chatham County.

After being laid off from a grocery store in July of 2018, Siobhan Shufford visited the NCWorks Career Center in Chatham County to enroll in the WIOA Dislocated Worker Program. As a single mother of four, Ms. Shufford needed to find a full-time job with benefits, to be able to adequately provide for her family. With the assistance of her Case Manager, Siobhan decided to explore the short-term job training opportunities available through Central Carolina Community College.

Short-term job training programs assist individuals with obtaining employment by providing them with the certification needed to earn a state license and quickly enter the workforce. Ms. Shufford opted to pursue a career as a Central Sterile Processing Technician, which is an individual who cleans and sterilizes used medical supplies and surgical instruments so that they can be safely reused on future patients.

While in school, Ms. Shufford obtained part-time employment at a local fast food restaurant to help make ends meet. While in the midst of balancing motherhood, school, and work, Siobhan lost her father to cancer. Although she was devastated by his passing, she managed to complete her training and pass her state licensure examination with flying colors.

After earning her license and attending a job fair, Ms. Shufford was hired as a full-time Surgical Technician earning sustainable wages and full benefits with Duke Hospital. Her ability to be fully trained, licensed, and employed within a year of being laid off is a true testament to both the determination of Siobhan and the convenience of short-term training programs through CCCC. Ms. Shufford was able to start a completely new career earning competitive wages in a relatively short amount of time. She is an exemplary example of the benefits that WIOA programs provide to those affected by layoffs, and the Triangle South Workforce Development Board is pleased to be able to share her success story with the community.

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