2019 NCWorks Partnership Conference Highlights

Information for this post was found on the NCWorks Partnership Conference website.

(l to r) Business Services Coordinator, Jessica Ingram, and TSWDB Director, Rosalind Cross at the NCWorks Partnership Conference in Greensboro, NC.

This year’s NCWorks Partnership Conference encouraged workforce professionals in attendance to “Be a Leader! It’s all the Buzz…” With the focus of this year’s conference revolving around individual leadership development, conference attendees had the opportunity to attend workshops that challenged them to:

  • Be actively engaged in the success of the workforce system;
  • know and understand their role;
  • be industrious, efficient, and purposeful in all of their actions;
  • plan for the long term, adapt to changing conditions, and evolve to survive;
  • and put the needs of the other members of the workforce “hive” above their own.

Attendees of the conference had the opportunity to attend several workshops on various topics including: maximizing the efficiency of workforce boards, learning more about the functionalities of NCWorks Online, improving and expanding outreach, forging community partnerships, providing proper service provision to youth and young adults, Labor Market Information, and best practices for placing former offenders into employment.

North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper was a special guest speaker at the NCWorks Partnership Conference and attendees had the opportunity to hear more about the Governor’s NC Job Ready Initiative which includes: additional funding through the Finish Line Grant, the formation of regional sector partnerships, the increase of Work-based Learning opportunities, and the initiative to increase the number of North Carolinians with valuable post-secondary degrees or credentials.


NCWorks Career Center – Chatham County WIOA Case Manager, Felicia Gilmore (top) and Program Manager, Jamie Cunningham (bottom) at the NCWorks Partnership Conference in Greensboro, NC

Conference attendees also had the opportunity to socialize with their peers through fun, innovative networking opportunities, which included being featured on a Podcast hosted by TSWDB’s own Mike Peluso. Peluso Presents is a podcast that channels the collision of professional and personal life through weekly episodes touching on relevant subject matter. At the conference, attendees had the opportunity to voice their opinions on topics related specifically to workforce development.

On Thursday night, attendees took part in the annual Governor’s Awards of Distinction, a formal, full course, awards banquet that recognizes participants for their outstanding accomplishments and achievements, employers and innovative partnerships that have made positive impacts on their local community, and workforce staff that have gone above and beyond their call of duty to provide career center services to their customers.


TSWDB Business Services Coordinator, Mike Peluso (top picture, right side), with guests of his podcast at the NCWorks Partnership Conference in Greensboro, NC.

The NCWorks Partnership conference is more than just an opportunity to receive training on best practices and new policies, the conference also helps to establish comradery amongst workforce professionals. In a system where individuals are continually asked to do more work with fewer resources, having the opportunity to forge bonds and partnerships with comrades from around the state is essential to improving the work ethic and quality of those tasked with serving.

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