Chairman Russell Hieb Retires from Workforce Development after 5 Decades of Service

Chairman Russell Hieb at the TSWDB Awards Banquet at the Central Carolina Community College Harnett Health Sciences Center in December of 2017.

Prior to serving as the Chair of the Triangle South Workforce Development Board, Russell Hieb had an extensive history of service in Workforce Development. In the 1970s, under the Job Training Partnership Act, Russell directed a statewide On-the-Job Training Project. In the 1980’s he was Workforce Development Board Director for Region K. By the late 1990s, Russell was an active member of the Mid-Carolina Workforce Development Board, and witnessed the workforce system transition from the Job Training and Partnership Act to the Workforce Investment Act.

In 2009, Mid-Carolina became the Triangle South Workforce Development Board and Russell maintained his position as an active board member under the new administrative entity, Central Carolina Community College. By the time the workforce system evolved into the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act in 2014, Russell was the Triangle South Workforce Development Board’s new chair.

Chairman Russell Hieb (l) is pictured with Executive Director Rosalind Cross at the TSWDB Awards Banquet at Campbell University in December of 2013.

Under Chairman Hieb’s leadership, the Triangle South Workforce Development Board has been able to establish great traditions and accomplish numerous achievements. It was Russell’s idea to hold an annual awards banquet to recognize the hard work of outstanding program participants and local employers, and highlight the achievements of workforce staff.  Under Russell, the WIOA program has expanded to include the creation of career pathways, the synchronization and improvements of jobseeker and employer service offerings at local career centers, and has drastically increased work-based learning placements that provide WIOA program participants with the opportunity to gain valuable work experience with little to no costs for employers.

Under Russell’s tutelage, Triangle South Board members have begun playing a more active role in the surrounding communities by working to better address the needs of the local economy. Through working directly with the North Carolina Labor and Economic Analysis Division, Russell ensures Triangle South Board members have access to detailed and up-to date labor market information so that members maintain a clear understanding of the local job market and changing workforce demands. His leadership has led to increased partnerships with local industries and has helped to build stronger bonds with local educational institutions that serve our clientele. At the yearly Board Retreat, Russell ensures members in attendance have the opportunity to hear directly from local employers, community partners, and front-line staff by hosting various informational panels to better convey the thoughts, concerns, and issues facing our local area.

Above, pictures from the October 2020 TSWDB Meeting at the Central Carolina Community College Campus in Lillington, NC.

Throughout Russell’s tenure as chairman, the Board has been able to ensure the best possible service provision to participants and local employers through a vigorous vetting process established under board committees created at his direction. The selected service providers, in combination with the efforts of board staff, has helped to maintain Triangle South’s track record of zero findings in programmatic and financial monitoring. The legacy of excellence instilled under Chairman Hieb is unmatched, and the remaining members of the Triangle South Workforce Development board and staff in addition to Central Carolina Community College leadership, will greatly miss Russell’s presence at our bi-monthly meetings. We wish him the best in his future endeavors, and hope to have the opportunity to work with someone as dedicated to the improvement of our workforce development system as Russell has been.

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